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Posted: 5/24/2018 | may 24th, 2018

Dear magnificent reader,

I was in the shower (where I do a few of my finest thinking), considering all the political battling as well as social network outrage that seems to occur every week. Well, okay every day!!

Each day, people shout into the echo chamber.

I don’t understand about you, however I have minor “outrage fatigue.” I can’t get up in arms anymore about a single speech or tweet, or what somebody is wearing. I’m worn out of it, as well as genuine issues don’t get fixed that way.

They get fixed by getting available as well as doing something.

I just recently checked out a excellent book called The death of Expertise, which talks about exactly how research study after research study has shown that people on the internet tend to wall themselves off from opinions they don’t agree with since it’s much easier than ever to just discover info that confirms what you already believe.

But as travelers, we satisfy people from around the world. We experience cultures as well as values different than our own. I believe is why travelers tend to be a lot more open-minded than most. We have a wider perspective. We’ve been outsiders ourselves. We travel since we want to see the differences in the world, not hide from them.

Which is why, believing about this topic, I am thankful we have FLYTE, our neighborhood charity that increases money to send high institution trainees on worldwide trips to assist broaden their minds as well as put their education into practice. FLYTE aims to show youngsters that the world is much bigger — as well as full of a lot more possibility — than they might ever imagine!

So far we’ve increased $26,000 to send these youngsters on a volunteering trip to Guatemala:

These are the trainees from the Victor institution in Victor, Montana, a little town of only 800 in rural Montana that is 96% white. Living so far outside a metropolitan area makes it difficult for them to interact with a diverse variety of people. ten days in Guatemala isn’t a great deal of time for us, however for these kids, it represents the begin of a bigger, a lot more crucial journey.

But we requirement one more $7,000 a lot more to make this trip happen!

And I’m asking for your assist to assist us get us to the surface line! On bended knee!

This trip is their possibility to get out (even if only for a moment) as well as see the world, experience new cultures, as well as see the possibilities that exist beyond their little town. It’s a possibility to stimulate an rate of interest in the world as well as in education.

It is a possibility to turn these youngsters — who, thanks to FLYTE, now have passports — into travelers as well as worldwide citizens.

It is a possibility for them put their schooling into practice.

It is a possibility for them to see a world totally different than their own as well as establish empathy. To expand their horizons as well as not just listen to what cord news or a curated social feed tells them.

It’s never been a lot more crucial to expand people’s perspective.

And it starts with these kids.

Because they will soon be the adults of the future.

For as bit as $1, you can assist us get there. If everybody who reads this web site provided a dollar, we might make this – as well as lots of a lot more like it – occur ideal away!

We can be the modification we want to see in the world. travel has done so much for us. So lots of people have been strangers in unknown lands.

If you’ve been wondering exactly how you can pay it ahead as well as get included in building a much better world, this is your chance.

I understand this is a budget plan travel web site as well as a lot of of us don’t have a great deal of money however for the expense of a few drinks, you can pay it ahead as well as assist excellent a new generation of accountable travelers!

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Please go into an amount between $1-$100,000.

Donate with

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NOTE: We are a 501(c)3 charity so your donations are tax exempt. (US residents only)

These kids, their teachers, as well as their parents will be permanently altered by your generosity.

If you’re the type of person that believes like trumps hate, assist us assist these kids.

If you’re the type of person that is trying to find a method to spread the power of travel, assist us assist these kids.

Let’s pay all our travel generosity ahead as well as send these youngsters from the little town of Victor to Guatemala!

Thank you so much for any type of support!


Nomadic Matt

נ.ב. – Please assist us share this organization as well as cause by forwarding this blog publish to your good friends as well as household or sharing it on social media! Let’s modification some lives!

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